Domaine seigneurial

Learn all about two ancient trades: miller and sawmill worker ! Discover the secrets of flour making in the authentic 18th century flourmill. All the original mechanisms are still in place. Also, get a taste of the daily lives of forest workers in the middle of the 20th century by exploring the adjacent sawmill. 

Guided tour (in costume) : 4,00 $ / person (60 minutes)

Arts and crafts :
Each child can make his (her) own functional watermill from recycled materials. He (she) can better understand the principles of water power.

Requisite material : An empty 2L bottle of soda and a container of film
Duration : 1 hour to 1 hour and a half
Cost : 2,50 $ / child

Educational guide :
Teachers accompanying student groups will leave with educational workbooks for their classes. This activity booklet, elaborated according to the objectives put forth by the Ministry of Education for elementary school students, allows children to review the information learned during the visit. It's a fun way to inform students about their ancestors' way of life, and makes a great souvenir.  

Cost : 2,50 $ / workbook

Treasure hunt :
Visiting groups can take part in this fun treasure hunt. Participants - young and old - will get the opportunity to explore the site's many interesting spots. Will you find the key to the chest that, according to legend, holds a valuable bounty ?
Duration : 45 minutes
Cost : 2,50 $ / person

Quiz and snack :
Children as well as adults will enjoy nibbling on a little snack (cookies, juice and coffee) while testing their knowledge of the mill's history in a quiz. We'll see who has the best memory !

Duration : 30 minutes
Cost : 2,50 $ / person

Make your own bread:

Children and adults can learn and make their own bread. 

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 5,00 $ / person

« Fast bread » :

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 6,00 $ / person